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Technologies to be thankful for this year: 2023 edition

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is already here again. In keeping with our annual tradition, it’s time to once again reflect on the technologies we’re grateful to have at our disposal to make our daily lives better and easier. While … Read more >

Measurement matters: Improve contact center performance with data collection, forecasting

Contact center performance can make or break your business. Even if they love your company or brand, 59 percent of U.S. consumers say they’ll shop elsewhere after several bad experiences, according to PwC. Seventeen percent will end the relationship after … Read more >

5 key ways a managed service provider can help with AI implementation

If you’re looking for ways to leverage AI to make your business more productive and profitable, you’re part of a larger trend: 72 percent of CEOs in the U.S. describe generative artificial intelligence as a “top investment priority despite uncertain … Read more >

How to overcome the fear of choosing the wrong technology

Since it’s Halloween Eve, it’s prime time to consider what scares you and potentially confront your fears. Aside from the classic ghosts and ghouls, plenty of other specters can keep you up at night. For many business leaders, choosing the … Read more >

How to get your cloud spending under control

Are you spending more than you planned on cloud solutions? Breaking the budget is a common problem: 94 percent of technology decision-makers and practitioners report that their organizations have avoidable cloud expenditures, according to a Forrester Consulting report. Similarly, Flexera’s … Read more >

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