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5 signs it’s time for a new business phone system

When they began working with the Stratosphere team in 2015, one of our clients – a B2B marketing agency in the Chicago suburbs with about 125 employees – wanted to keep their on-premises phone system. However, a few years later, … Read more >

4 big ways outdated technology can cost your business

Trying to stay up-to-speed on new technology can seem impossible with how rapidly it evolves. You might feel like Sisyphus, doomed to repeat the same task (upgrading your IT systems) over and over again. However, failing to replace old solutions … Read more >

15 factors to consider when looking for a managed service provider

Facing pressure to contain costs while keeping up with rapidly evolving technology, many businesses are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) for IT support and security solutions. The portion of IT budgets devoted to managed services rose from 15 percent … Read more >

RingCentral vs. Zoom: Key differentiators you need to know

If you’re considering migrating your on-premises phone system to the cloud or replacing your current Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, you might be overwhelmed by all the options and suppliers in the cloud phone system marketplace. As a … Read more >

5 notable cloud phone system benefits for auto dealers

A large auto dealership on the West Coast realized it was time to upgrade to a new phone system. The employees had relied on an on-premises PBX for a while, but it proved inconvenient since the supplier had to send … Read more >

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