Stratosphere Networks Year in Review: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019

top 10 blog posts of 2019.

There are only a couple of weeks left in 2019, and it’s definitely been an eventful year in the world of IT. As new technologies and trends continued to develop and emerge, visitors came to the our site to learn about a wide range of topics, including Microsoft Office 365, the cloud, cybersecurity solutions, and much more.

Before we take on 2020, let’s take a minute to look back on the posts that attracted the most traffic this year. Here are our top 10 blog posts of 2019, listed in order of popularity.

1.  4 Key Factors to Consider When Creating an IT Network
Crafting the ideal IT network for your organization requires careful consideration of various aspects to ensure optimal performance. Read the full blog post to learn about four key factors you should keep in mind.

2. 9 Advantages Microsoft Teams Has Over Skype for Business
In 2017, Microsoft announced its new vision for intelligent communications, centering on the Unified Communications (UC) solution Teams. Read the full post to find out what advantages Teams has compared to Skype for Business.

3. 12 Steps to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure: Creating and Enforcing IT Security Policies
With the data breach epidemic showing no signs of slowing down, taking steps to secure your IT infrastructure is a must for any business today. In this entry in our series on making your IT infrastructure more secure, we cover how to create and enforce security policies. Read the full article for details.

4. 5 Reasons to Consider Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking
Cisco Meraki is one of Stratosphere Networks’ trusted strategic partners, and there are plenty of reasons why our clients turn to them for cloud networking solutions. Read the full post to learn more.

5. 12 Steps to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure: Audit Your Servers
If you want to achieve the highest possible levels of infrastructure security, you should be sure to audit your servers. Read the full article for details about the importance of safeguarding your servers.

6. 5 Key Benefits of Having a Managed Security Services Provider
With how rapidly the landscape of cybersecurity threats and solutions changes, it’s challenging for anyone to stay up-to-speed on the latest tactics hackers are using and cutting-edge defenses that can combat sophisticated cyberattacks. Read the full blog post to learn how partnering with a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) can make tackling IT security less stressful.

7. 12 Steps to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure: Performing a Security Audit
To properly safeguard your IT infrastructure from malicious actors, you’ll need to carry out a comprehensive security audit to establish benchmarks, pinpoint weaknesses and more. Read the full article for detailed instructions for performing an audit.

8. 5 Cloud Computing Trends to Watch This Year
At the beginning of the year, we covered five notable trends in the realm of cloud computing that we thought were worth watching. Read the full post to find out what they were.

9. 5 Advantages of Using Microsoft Office 365
The Office 365 software suite has become extremely popular with all kinds of businesses due to its flexible cost, security and numerous other advantages. Read the full post to learn more about why companies choose Office 365.

10. 12 Steps to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure: Updating Workstations and Servers
To achieve the lowest possible level of data breach risk and thoroughly secure your IT infrastructure, you must ensure your workstations and servers are up-to-date. Read the full post for a detailed explanation of this crucial step.

We’re looking forward to seeing which topics our audience is most drawn to in 2020. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts on what you’d like us to cover in our blog, or if you have any questions about the posts listed here, feel free to contact our team of expert techs. You can reach us by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing

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